Project Generation Options

project_name [Project Name]:
Your Human Readable project name, including any capitalization or spaces.
project_slug [project_slug]:
The slug of your project, without dashes or spaces. Used to name your repo and in other places where a Python-importable version of your project name is needed.
author_name [Your Name]:
You! This goes into places like the LICENSE file.
email [Your email]:
Your email address.
description [A short description of the project.]
Used in the generated README.rst and other places.
domain_name []
Whatever domain name you plan to use for your project when it goes live.
version [0.1.0]
The starting version number for your project.
timezone [UTC]
Used in the common settings file for the TIME_ZONE value.
windows [n]
Whether you’ll be developing on Windows.
use_python3 [y]
By default, the Python code generated will be for Python 3.x. But if you answer n here, it will be legacy Python 2.7 code.
open_source_license [1]

Select a software license for the project. The choices are:

  1. MIT
  2. BSD
  3. GPLv3
  4. Apache Software License 2.0
  5. Not open source